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ALNA (Accidental Long Nap Alarm)

QHacks 2022 - January 2022
ALNA is an alarm that prevents accidental naps that end up being longer than desired. The alarm can be placed in areas where a busy individual may end up falling asleep while facing important deadlines. For example, when placed facing a bed, ALNA can sense when a user has decided to lie down. If the user is still on the bed for a minute, ALNA indicates that an alarm will be set (based on a pre-set user input). This alarm may be cancelled, but otherwise it will count down and sound when the timer ends.

ALNA tackles a problem that is not currently solved. It is a dynamically setting alarm that sets alarms outside of a regular schedule. It avoids the issue of forgetting to set an alarm on one's phone, or if their phone is out of reach. In a tired state, the user can simply listen for the automatic alarm set notification for confirmation instead of having to raise their voice in the case of setting an alarm with a smart assistant.

While ALNA may be snoozed or unplugged like any other alarm, that is not a concern in this design. What ALNA offers is a choice. ALNA is for situations where accidentally napping too long would lead to notable setbacks in adhering to a tight schedule and important deadlines. In such a situation, the individual would appreciate the opportunity to wake up earlier rather than later and would NOT snooze.

This project is currently on hold in pursuit of greater things.

Note: The shell design contains practices meant to produce a prototype quickly that would not be present in a final product.

Accidental Long Nap Alarm: About

Hackathon Project Responsibilities:

- Practiced project leadership by managing roles and teaching programming concepts to teammates in order to complete a project within 36 hours.
- Brainstormed idea, wired/soldered electronics, programmed microcontroller, created logo, designed shell in Solidworks, 3d-printed shell, filmed/edited demo video, and contributed to the final presentation by working the most on the team at 28.5 of the 36 hours.
- Strategically managed time by switching between tasks to ensure that a section of the CAD model was always ready to keep the 3d printer occupied.

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