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Arduino Max Payne RC Rat


Following the success of my Arduino TF2 Sentry video on Youtube, I decided to create another video. This comedy/action video focuses on an RC "rat with a gat" based on an Easter egg in the video game Max Payne released in 2001.

It is certainly based on a more niche game/topic than the last video, so it can be difficult to achieve traction especially with a small channel. The previous TF2 Sentry video also had a low view count in the first year, so there is still potential to gain more views.

The difficulty lies in gaining the initial momentum of views. These videos have gained only just over a thousand views on the Youtube platform due to the difficulty of sharing content to relevant communities on this platform. On the Reddit platform, I was able to achieve over 333 000 views. I did not use embedded Youtube as raw Reddit videos allow for more accessible auto-play.

Overall, this was a great learning experience in video creation. While it was fun, I will be putting a hold on this type of content, as I believe my other endeavors in VR and game development to be better potential avenues for success and personal satisfaction. After dipping my toes in the silly robot genre of videos, I reflected and decided that I could not be satisfied with only having worked on silly videos without also creating more "sophisticated" works.

See the video below for an action/comedy bit followed by the build process.

Arduino Max Payne RC Rat: About
Arduino Max Payne RC Rat: Video

Shortened Version

Arduino Max Payne RC Rat: Video
Arduino Max Payne RC Rat: Pro Gallery
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