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3D-Printed Desktop Trebuchet


Trebuchet: Welcome

Grade 12: November 3, 2018 - November 7, 2018

Designed using Solidworks.

This trebuchet was created for a physics project. I put in an extra amount of effort as I usually do when presented with projects that interest me. 

In my 3d-printed trebuchet, I decided to design it with an artistic approach. Others were making their trebuchets with straight lines that resulted in the generic framed look. Since I was using the Solidworks CAD software and 3d-printing my trebuchet, I was able to incorporate many curvy lines in my trebuchet without much hassle. I also added a repetitive pattern of holes. These features would have been time-consuming to make by hand. By taking advantage of the capabilities of 3d-printing, I created a trebuchet that functioned and had a unique look. 

Trebuchet: Text

Video of Trebuchet Firing

Trebuchet: Text
Trebuchet: Video

Finished Trebuchet

Trebuchet: Gallery

Solidworks Screenshots

Trebuchet: Gallery

Build Process

Trebuchet: Gallery
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