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CAD Designed and 3D-Printed Replica Replacement Parts

2017- 2020
Designed using TinkerCAD and Solidworks.
Over the years, I have done some work for my dad's electronics shop by replicating parts such as shells and covers. 3d-printed parts often do the job and are cheaper than buying replacement parts. I do extensive measuring of a sample part, then I recreate it using TinkerCad or Solidworks. The parts can then be printed and placed in products missing the part to increase the value of an otherwise incomplete product.

Replacement Parts: Text

Replacement Parts

These are just some of the replacement parts I made over the years. Not all were photographed.

Replacement Parts: Gallery

Cricut Vinyl Skins

Designed using Cricut:
I also did some work using Cricut to create and cut vinyl skins to place on various phones and laptops.

Replacement Parts: Text

Vinyl Skins

Replacement Parts: Gallery
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