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APSC 162 Speaker Project

April 2021

This speaker was the final project of my Engineering Graphics APSC 162 course. Speaker component models were given. Using Solidworks, a speaker shell was to be designed under a maximum weight of 850 g.

From the assignment:

"The HC-SS 95 speaker is based around a lofted octagonal shape that has various fillets and other details added to it. The shells and all internal brackets are made of polypropylene (PP) copolymer. The shell has a minimum thickness of 2.5 mm and is split into two halves. The button has a small rounded octagonal shell that fits over the push button. The button and PCB each have brackets that help mount them to the shell halves. To make the design more compact and save weight, the PCB is mounted vertically in the shell with its ports pointing down. The shell has a square concave so that the PCB ports are still accessible. The two triangular legs are also as minimal as possible to reduce plastic use. All parts are held together by a combination of M1.4 and M2.2 screws.

The front half of the outer shell weighs about 52.22 g. The larger back half of the outer shell weighs about 132.57 g. The small button shell weighs about 0.54 g. The bracket that holds the button weighs about 0.81 g. The bracket that holds the PCB weighs about 3.65 g. Adding these weights up, the total weight in plastic is about 189.79 g which is substantially less than the 850 g design requirement."

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